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* The forecast is obtained from an external source and is not the responsibility of Mount Hermon

Full forecast * The forecast is obtained from an external source and is not the responsibility of Mount Hermon

Free summer tours

Free summer tours to the top of Mount Hermon. The tour begins at an altitude of 2040 meter with observation to the Golan Heights, Upper Galilee and Syria and ends with the fascinating story of the battle of Mount Hermon. The tour includes an introduction to the unique flora of Mt.Hermon. TOUR INSTRUCTIONS: The tours are in hebrew amd take place twice a day at 11:00am and 1:00pm. Registration in advance is compulsory. Please arrive to Mt.Hermon half an hour before the tour. The tours start from the cafeteria at the top station. Arrival to the top station is by the cable car (by payment). Make sure to wear hiking shoes and warm clothes. Tour duration is 90 minutes. *Tours available for private clients only. Groups which are interested in booking tours are welcome to mail us at: [email protected]

Our summer attractions

Come and enjoy a perfect winter experience for the whole family - for the big kids and the little ones! The Hermon site offers a variety of entertainment options: a new trolley cable car that reaches the top in just 5 minutes in a closed trolley, surfing for children in snow sleds, experience in "extreme" mountain sleds, levitation in the new attraction - SKY RIDER and snow fun. Shops for the purchase of ski and winter equipment and a set of buffets, which serve the visitors to the site. Feel free to come to us and enjoy an experience in white!

Changes in weather (winds and fog) may affect the operation of the facilities

Price lists

Summer price list - visitors


40 NIS


86 NIS

on line tickets


51 NIS

on line tickets



54 NIS

* All prices include VAT as required by law

Ticket Purchase Policy

הכניסה לאתר בהזמנה ורכישה מראש בלבד

האתר פתוח למבקרים, הכניסה ללא תשלום!

לרשותכם רכבל מבקרים ומזחלות אקסטרים (השימוש ברכבל ובאטרקציות כרוך בתשלום).

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*לתשומת ליבכם הסקייריידר סגור עד תאריך 28/5 בשל עבודות תחזוקה


 רכבל מבקרים: העלייה מותרת בכל גיל, ילדים עד גיל 12 בליווי מבוגר, עד 8 מבקרים בכל קרונית, תשלום מגיל 3

מזחלות אקסטרים: הגלישה מותרת מגיל 3 ומעלה, ילדים עד גובה 1.45 מ' בליווי מבוגר

סקיי ריידר: העלייה מותרת מגיל 6 וגובה 1.20 מ', ילדים עד גיל 8 נדרשים לליווי מבוגר

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כל מבקר חייב בכרטיס

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